About Us

Thank you for choosing 3-T and Friends Pet Services, LLC. We are proud to have served over a hundred clients in Washington DC since 2004. While 3-T started as a team of two brothers, a sister and a family friend, we have “extended family” all over the District and beyond. Our love for family and animals blends harmoniously with our love for our community and our city. Thalia and Tyon Wiggins founded the company in 2004. They came into the pet-sitting industry armed with experience; they had already owned a dog, fish, small mammals and even the occasional insect! Business started growing, and younger brother, Timothy, joined. As time progresses, we look forward to using social media to keep in touch with our clients, following pet-industry trends, networking with other pet-sitters in the city, and creating pet-related products of our own. We love the idea of increasing our extended family whether human or animal! Thanks again from 3-T!