Our Team

Thank you for choosing 3-T and Friends Pet Services, LLC. We are proud to have served over a hundred clients in Washington DC since 2004. While 3-T started as a team of two brothers, a sister and a family friend, we have extended families all over the District and beyond. Our love for family and animals blends harmoniously with our love for our community and our city. Thalia and Tyon Wiggins founded the company in 2004, and was later joined by their brother, Timothy. They came into the pet-sitting industry armed with experience; they had already owned a dog, fish, small mammals and even the occasional insect! Tyon and Timothy have since moved on, and Thalia continues 3-T’s legacy by keeping in touch with our customer base, following pet-industry trends, networking with other local pet-sitters, creating pet products and received both of her certifications in Pet Sitting (C.P.P.S,) and Pet First Aid with Pet Sitter’s International. She was even profiled on PSI’s Members Facebook Page in February 2021.

With over 15 years of experience as a pet sitter, stemming from her lifelong love for pets and her belief in providing the best & highest care, Thalia is ready  to catapult the company to greater heights in conjunction with an outstanding team of employees.

3-T and Friends Pet Services LLC has an insatiable desire to create value by building upon its capabilities through collaborating, motivating and taking action while providing solutions to problems in D.C’s pet market, through proven processes, to achieve great success. We are optimistic about the commitment, active, and impactful recruitment of more qualified peers and dog trainers that will not only help our business activities reach objectives but to fulfill our mission of: "Being a paws-itive influence in the lives of the animals we care for and in the communities we serve."